Editor-in-Chief of Jewish magazine to stand for election

The Editor-in-Chief of the monthly magazine and website ‘Joods Actueel’ Michael Freilich is to stand for the Flemish nationalist N-VA as a candidate in this May’s federal elections. Mr Freilich has been given the 5th place (out of 24) on the list for the Chamber of Representatives in Antwerp Province that will be headed by the former Interior Minister Jan Jambon. N-VA currently has 11 federal MPs from Antwerp Province. N-VA currently has 11 federal MPs from Antwerp Province. 

Mr Freilich is well-known outside the Jewish community thanks to his many interviews an appearances on television, on radio and in the press.

He is the son of a Jewish father with Romanian roots and a Jewish mother with Hungarian roots. His grandfather was Louis Davids, the Editor-in-Chief of the Dutch Jewish weekly ‘Nederlands-Israëlisch Weekblad’ and the Honourary President of ‘Joods Actueel’. ‘

Joods Actueel’ was set up in 2007 as a successor to the ‘Belgisch-Israërlisch Weekblad’. It provides information in Dutch about and of interest to the Jewish community. 

The magazine is a staunch  supporter of Israel and campaigns against expressions anti-Semitism by public figures. Michael Freilich often appears in other media as a representative of the Jewish community in Flanders.   

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