Code Yellow alert!

The Belgian Met Office has issued a Code Yellow alert for the roads.  Snow, black ice and freezing temperatures make the roads treacherous across the country, but how long is this cold snap expected to continue?

More wintery showers are forecast for tonight and this evening.  Temperatures will drop to -8°C in parts.  There's a danger of black ice on the roads.

More freezing fog is forecast for Wednesday morning with showers of sleet and snow in places.  In the woodlands of the Ardennes it will remain heavily overcast with more protracted snowfall.  Highs not in excess of +3°C.

On Thursday and Friday unsettled weather is predicted, though it will become drier and sunnier, especially on Thursday with highs of -2°C in the High Fens rising to +4 on the coast.

Saturday will be milder with some rain edging into the country from the coast.  Highs of +5°C.

Sunday will be a rainy day in most parts with snow reserved for the Ardennes.  Highs rising to +4°C in central parts.

Bart De Smet
Koen Van den Bossche
Sibert Declercq

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