Laurie Dieffembacq

Jail for WTC police attacker

A member of the public who attacked a police officer with a knife near the Maximilian Park in Brussels is being sent to jail for five years.

The incident happened last September.  Police were patrolling the area in and around the Maximilian Park where many migrants have sought a refuge.  The park is near the WTC Tower and the offices of the immigration department where asylum seekers were supposed to register.  Police encountered a man sleeping by the WTC Tower.  They roused him triggering his anger.  The man, a Belgian of Egyptian heritage, pulled a knife injuring a police officer in the head.

Because the attacker refused to drop the knife and pepper spray had failed to make him change his mind, police fired three shots hitting the attacker twice.

Belgian prosecutors demanded a seven year custodial sentence because there was intent to injure.  In the event the attacker got a five year sentence and will have to pay the officer compensation worth 2,000 euros.

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