Snow at last!

As forecast the first big snowfall of the winter has been recorded across Flanders.  West Flanders Province was coated in a carpet of snow first and the cold front then headed inland.  The rush hour wasn't too badly affected and Limburg was spared.

The first reports of snow reached us from the Flemish coast around 7AM, one hour later than predicted.  A carpet of snow is now a reality in parts of West Flanders.  The snow front is now heading inland.  Snowfall of up to 5cm is expected in places.

The Met Office has declared a Code Yellow alert across Belgium.  This means that problems may arise for the traffic as a result of heaps of fresh snow and black ice in places.

Over 300 vehicles operated by the Roads Agency have been gritting the roads.  800 tons of road salt has gone on the roads. The vehicles are today on stand-by as are snowploughs.

The temperature of the road surface is in negative territory across the country. The freeze continues and the Roads Agency is urging great caution.

Tom Van Rompaey
Christine Germonprez
Regis Benoit
H.R.L. Verhulst

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