Half of all trains delayed by more than a minute

According to leaked figures from the company responsible for Belgium’s rail infrastructure Infrabel, half of all trains in Belgium are at least a minute late. During rush hour punctually is even worse with just 40% of trains running on time. On Wednesday afternoon the board member of Infrabel and the rail operator NMBS are facing questions about the poor punctuality figures from MP’s in Chamber of Representatives’ Infrastructure select committee.   

87.2% of all trains are less than 6 minutes late. These figures are used by NMBS and Infrabel as the official punctuality figures for 2018. However, an internal Infrabel document shows that only just under half (49.1%) of all trains in Belgium arrive on time when a stricter punctuality norm of a 1-minute delay is applied.   

Things are even worse during the peak period in the morning. Just 40.7% of trains are on time between 6am and 9am.

It is a similar picture during the evening peak with just 39.7% of the trains arrived lest than a minute late. Punctuality during off-peak hours and at weekends is better at above 50%. The figures for 2018 are almost all worse than for 2017.  

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