“Air your home properly to get rid of germs!”

Do you get a cold from going outside with wet hair?  It's a question that many people are asking themselves in Belgium nowadays as a result of the cold snap.  But will it lead to a cold?

"No" says Prof Dr Dirk Devroey, who heads the G.P.'s training problem at the Flemish Free University of Brussels, the VUB.  Quizzed on VRT Radio the good doctor explained that a cold is the result of a virus or bacteria and you don't get one because you're out and about with wet hair even if you’re only wearing your swimming trunks or a bikini.

Acting in this fashion won't make you more vulnerable to viruses either. Prof Dr Dirk Devroey: "Only if you spend a long period of time outdoors could you come down with a cold.  This is what happened in the trenches during the Great War when soldiers were underfed."

Come down with a cold, the best thing you can do is beef up your vitamin C reserves!  An ordinary cold lasts seven days on average, but only 6.5 days if you're on vitamin C.  In order to gain this twelve hour advantage, you do have to have taken the vitamin daily for 3 years.

Prof Dr Dirk Devroey says that whatever happens everybody comes down with a cold four times a year.  There's little you can do apart from taking rest.  If you feel that you are coming down with a cold, don't hit the tiles or play a sports game! You need rest!

The good professor also has interesting words with regard to a temperature.  He says a flu will give you a temperature, but that stops the virus.  Take anti-inflammatory drugs and you will reduce your body's resistance.

Prof Dr Dirk Devroey also advises us to air our homes properly to get rid of germs!

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