One dead and three injured in explosion

One person had died and three people have been injured after an explosion at a wood company in the West Flemish municipality of Anzegem. The explosion at the Pouleyn wood company in the village of Vichte happened on Friday morning. Three of the four victims sustained severe burns. The emergency services went to the scene in numbers.    

A contractor was cleaning out a silo for Pouleyn where a small fire had raged on Thursday. When workers opened a hatch oxygen came into contact with inflammable sawdust causing an explosion at around 7:30am.     

Four people were injured in the explosion, three of whom suffered third degree burns. Two of the injured were taken to the specialist burns unit at Ghent University Hospital. The two other injured workers were taken to a hospital in Kortrijk. One of the victims has since died. Due to the seriousness of the burns it is not yet clear who the victims are.  

The Mayor of Anzegem Gino Devogelaere (local list) is shocked by what has happened. “We don’t know who the victims are. They have to clear up the silo every so often. There was a fire yesterday, but it wasn’t serious. This is terrible news”.  

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