Electric car group purchase outstrips all expectations

A week after the Flemish authorities launched a group purchase for electric cars and charging points 1,926 people have registered their wish to purchase an electric vehicle with the online marketplace Bobex.

By 2020 Flanders wants 7.5% of cars to be electric. Many of those coming forward are people from the Antwerp suburbs aged 55 or more. Jean-Louis Van Marcke of Bobex: "This number proves that the group purchase is the trigger that many Flemings need to turn words into action.  We've recruited extra staff to bring all those interested in contact with local dealers with a view to a test drive."

"It's striking that above all older men from the Antwerp and Ghent suburbs are interested.   Wommelgem is a hotspot, but also in Berlaar, Wijnegem, Moerbeke-Waas and De Pinte the group purchase is a big success!"

Many people are interested to replace an old diesel car that serves as a second car.  Registration via www.samenelektrisch.be is still possible.  Four models are on offer: the Renault ZOE, the Peugeot iON, the Nissan LEAF and the Hyundai KONA Electric.

The Flemish ombudsman isn't impressed by the operation.  He says he's already received complaints, that the group purchase isn't any guarantee for a lower price and that people won't know till the fall if they qualify for a 4,000 euro grant.

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