Six years for people-trafficker who beat migrants

A court in Bruges has sentenced an Egyptian people-trafficker to six years in prison.  The trafficker did not treat his customers well.  Some were assaulted until they bled from their injuries.

The six year sentence is the result of the Egyptians’ activities on the Westkerke lorry carpark along the E40 motorway in West Flanders.  Practically each day he helped up to three transit migrants to stow away on lorries.

Sometimes the Egyptian would also threaten the migrants, who were eager to make their way to Britain for a new life.  On several occasions he forced migrants to enter refrigerated lorries against their will.  This is particularly dangerous and some migrants have frozen to death in the past.  The judge in Bruges said that the people-trafficker failed to treat his customers as people, but rather as goods that needed to be smuggled. 

foto Peter Hilz (C)

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