Supermarkets notice big increase in organic sales

Belgian supermarkets are selling more and more vegetarian and organic produce.  Soya milk, vegetarian and organic products are all the vogue.  Some supermarkets have recorded a 40% increase in such sales.

The supermarkets expect the trend to continue.  In 2018 Delhaize noticed a 10% increase in its organic sales over the year.  Sales of vegetarian products were up 15%, while the supermarket recorded a 30% rise in sales of vegetable products like soya milk.

Delhaize's Roel Dekelver says the rise has been underway for several years now: "Customer services are receiving more and more enquiries about the origin of products.  People want ecological products with a smaller ecological footprint."

Delhaize also noticed a hike in vegan products.

At Carrefour the rise was even more pronounced with a 40% increase in sales of organic in 2018. Baptiste Van Outryve: "It's partly because we expanded our assortment, but it's undeniable demand is getting bigger and bigger." 

Alternatives for meat recorded a 25% increase at Carrefour.

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