"They still haven't got it!"

Despite the rain tens of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of Brussels on Sunday to call for action against climate change.   Karen Naessens of Rise4Climate, the organisation behind the demo, is pleased with the turnout.

"The number of protesters isn't the only important thing.  There's also the atmosphere, the fact it's discussed and reported in the media and that people wish to continue taking action.  It's hard to improve on the turnout of (the big march) on 2 December."

"We're protesting because we feel politicians still haven't got it. We want to show these demands are carried by the public at large and that people really care."

"We're heading for the European District.  It's not only Belgium that should be more ambitious.  It's one of the worst performers in the EU.  The EU should take a pioneering role.  Europe should take the lead.  We live in Brussels.  It's up to us to put it on the agenda!" 

According to police figures 70,000 people took part improving the turnout of last December's march and making it the biggest Belgian climate demo ever.

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