"Too many people are flying nowadays!"

Against the backdrop of Sunday's climate march in Brussels Flemish economist Paul De Grauwe of the London School of Economics calls for city trippers to pay the real price for their plane fare and that is a price that includes the cost of emissions.

Speaking in the weekly "De Zondag" Prof De Grauwe says: "We must be honest.  Too many people are flying nowadays and that's because it's too cheap. Prices need to be tackled.  I know a Polish lady who routinely flies to Warsaw for the weekend for 30 euros.  It's absurd.  The ticket doesn't reflect the true price of flying.  If the real price of the flight is 300 euros, emissions included, then that should be charged! Politicians are able to impose higher taxes on airlines."

Paul De Grauwe sides with Belgium's young climate protesters: "We need to act now or risk an unliveable planet.  It's fantastic that this message is coming from young people.  Prof De Grauwe labels the acerbic reactions on social media to the youngsters playing truant for the climate as reactions from "anxious, white men".

Prof De Grauwe sides with Bart De Wever when it comes to nuclear energy though.

"In Germany to revert from nuclear they are using brown coals or lignite.  Isn't that crazy?  I'm in favour of renewables, but supply can't cover demand today."

"I see religious fanaticism with regard to nuclear.  Anybody who gives this subject some consideration is labelled a heretic."


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