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Smurf Experience attracts almost 240,000 visitors

The Smurf Experience exhibition that opened at Brussels Expo last June closed its doors for a final time on Sunday evening. In just over six month 239,628 people visit Smurf Expo, an average of around 40,000 visitors each month.     

The exhibition that allowed visitors young and old to enter the world of the little blue creatures created by the Brussels cartoonists Pierre Culliford was designed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of their first appearance in the comic strip magazine Spirou. The Smurf first appeared as extra in the Johan and Peewit strip in Spirou. A year later in 1959 the Smurfs were given their own comic strip story in the weekly comic.   

A spokesperson for the organisers told the press agency Belga that "The Smurf Experience is to embark on a world tour lasting ten years”. However, the exhibition’s first foreign destination has still to be announced.  

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