More snow on the way!

Snow has been reported from all Flemish provinces bar Limburg this morning. Up to 15cm of snow is predicted in places, though it could be a more modest 5cm elsewhere.  Fortunately, the snow doesn't seem to have impacted on the rush hour too much.

West Flanders is bearing the brunt of the congestion with the Bruges-Kortrijk and Ghent-Kortrijk routes most badly affected. Expect delays of around half an hour. Bus services have been hit in the Kortrijk area and the Flemish Ardennes.

Veva Daniels of the Roads Agency warns that snowfall will continue for quite some time. Temperatures are hovering around freezing.  Some lanes on the motorways cannot be used due to the snow in East and West Flanders.  Cycling paths too are affected.

Many people have chosen not to drive today. Drivers who venture out are being advised to moderate speed and take extra time.

In Antwerp, Ghent and on the coast trams continued to operate all night in order to keep the rails free of snow.

No big problems are being reported from Zaventem.  There are minor delays because planes need to be de-iced.

Heavy snow is also forecast for Wallonia.

Geert Biermans

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