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Flu reaching epidemic proportions

Last week 198 Belgians in 100,000 visited their GP complaining of flu-like symptoms.  The figure means that for the first time this winter flu has reached epidemic proportions in Belgium.  If the 157 per 100,000 threshold is reached next week too scientists can speak of an epidemic.

Flu-watchers are hopeful the threshold will be exceeded next week and we will be able to talk of an epidemic.

The latest figures come from Sciensano, the scientific institute for public health.  They show that it's above all children aged 5 to 14 that are ending up at the GP's with flu.  Like last year there has been a late start to the flu season.  Last year the flu epidemic was the longest in a decade and a half lasting until mid-April!

Fortunately many people will have taken precautions and got the jab!

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