"We'll protest until action is taken!"

For the fourth Thursday in a row youngsters have taken to the streets of Brussels to protest in favour of greater action against climate change.  Schoolchildren have been joined in larger numbers by students this Thursday after the end of the exams.

More and more youngsters continued to arrive at the Brussels North Station ahead of the demo this morning. In all some 12,500 demonstrators were counted.  Demonstrators took a route from the North Station to the South Station.  The square outside Central Station where protesters gathered last week is too small.  Some schoolchildren are here for the second or third time.  They pledge to return until a plan is drawn up and action is taken.

"At present our teachers are not being too difficult about the fact we are playing truant for the climate" one young protester noted."  "If we stop now we won't have achieved anything" says another.

The march caused some disruption to the traffic.  Brussels police tweeted the progress of the demo and the Brussels local transport company was ready to run extra services to make up for the disruption.

It's not only in Brussels that youngsters are gathering.  In Leuven too many schoolchildren joined a similar march.

In Liège in Wallonia the demo attracted 15,000 protesters.

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