Dockers, airline staff and public transport workers to join national strike

The Christian transport union ACV Transcom has called on its members to join the national strike planned for 13 February. Initially the strike was only to have involved private sector workers. However, ACV Transcom’s call to join the strike is also directed at some public sector workers such as the bus and tram drivers that work for De Lijn and train drivers working for the state-owned rain company NMBS. 

ACV Transcom’s members also include those that work for the company responsible for air traffic control Skeyes and those that work for airlines. Workers at the Brussels public transport company MIVB have also been asked to join the strike.  

With public transport no also to join the strike it is highly likely that there will be serious disruption on 13 February. The strike has been called as a round of collective bargaining between the unions and management that was to have set the percentage wages are allowed to rise above inflation over the next 2 years broke down without agreement.

The three unions that represent private sector workers ACV, ABVV and ACLVB left the negotiating table as the private sector employers’ offer was too low. 

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