Laurie Dieffembacq

King Albert II doesn't want to give a DNA-sample

King Albert II has said that he currently isn’t prepared to give a DNA sample. Several months ago the former Belgian monarch was told to give a sample by the Court of Appeal in Brussels that was dealing with a case brought by Delphine Boël that want to be legally recognised as King Albert’s biological daughter. 

King Filip’s father is now to take the case to Court of Cassation. As the case has gone to further appeal, King Albert II won’t have to give DNA sample just yet. The news that he has appealed comes from his lawyers Alain Berenboom and Guy Hiernaux.

In October last year the Court of Appeal in Brussels ruled that Jacques Boël was neither the legal or biological father of Delphine Boel. It ordered King Albert II to give a DNA sample in order to establish once and for all whether or not he is Delphine Boël’s biological father.

On Wednesday Delphine Boël’s lawyer let it be known that King Albert II had still not undergone a DNA test.


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