Code Yellow warning due to sleet and snow

The Royal Metrological Institute (KMI) has once again issued at Code Yellow weather warning for much of the country. Sleet and snow is expected fall today in many areas, making conditions dangerously slippery. 

Most areas of the country can expect sleet and even snow to fall during the day with temperatures of just above freezing. There could be as much as several centimetres of snow in some areas.  

It will be generally warmer in western and northwestern areas with temperatures rising to between 2°C and 3°C. In these areas sleet and rain rather than snow is expected. Consequently the Code Yellow warning does not apply to West Flanders.

Elsewhere in Flanders wintery showers of sleet or snow are expected into the evening and overnight. However, by Sunday morning the weather will have become dry in all areas.

The winter weather is good news for skiers as the 30 or so ski slopes in the Walloon provinces of Liège and Luxemburg are open for business this weekend.

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