Plane unable to take off after nose wheel gets stuck in verge at Antwerp Airport

Around 100 passengers were evacuated from a plane that was due to take off from Antwerp Airport for Spain on Saturday morning. The Tui fly plane’s noise wheel had become stuck in a verge while it was taxiing to the running at the airport in the Antwerp suburb of Deurne. No one was injured in the incident that happened at around 6:30am.  

The airport’s spokeswoman Vanessa Flames told journalists that the incident was caused by two factors. Firstly there was poor weather condition and secondly pilot error.

The aircraft noise wheel became stuck in the mud and the grass. The plane was unable to get loose under its own steam and was pulled free by a breakdown team. The passengers were taken by bus to Zaventem Airport near Brussels from where they will be able to reach their destination on alternative flights. 

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