Photo Ton Toemen/HH

Singles account for one in three Belgian households

According to the latest figures from the National Bureau of Statistics Statbel, a third of all households in Belgium consist of just one person. Of the country’s just over 4.9 million households, almost 1.7 million are made up of people that for whatever reason live alone. 

The figures reveal that at the beginning of 2018 there were 4,911,973 households in Belgium. Of these 1,696,338 (34.5%) were made up of one person. This constitutes a rise of 1.3% compared with the figures from the beginning of 2017.

The Brussels-Capital Region has the highest proportion of one-person households. 46% of households in the capital are made up of just one person. Here too there was a rise in the percentage of one-person households (+0.5%), albeit less pronounced that the 1.3% rise in the country as a whole.

In Flanders there are a total of 2,792,444 households, 32% of which are made up of one person. Meanwhile, 36% of the 1,571,850 Walloon households consist of a single member.

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