Queen Mathilde leaves for 5-day visit to Mozambique

Queen Mathilde has left for a 5-day visit to Mozambique. The wife of the Belgian monarch is visiting the Southern African country in her capacity as a United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Advocate.  During her visit, the Queen of the Belgians  will meet with locals and offer support to initiatives on the ground that strive to make a difference to the everyday lives of the people there.  

Particular attention will be paid to projects that promote the economic empowerment of women and the tackle the issue of violence against women. One of the projects Queen Mathilde will visit is Horizonte Azul, an organisation that offers support to the victims of violence against women in the suburbs of the capital Maputo. She will also visit a hospital in the Chokwé District that treats patients with mental health issues.  

Visits are also planned to other education and health projects.  

According to figures from the NGO CNCD 11.11.11., half of all people in Mozambique live in absolute poverty. One in two women in the country are victims of sexual violence and other violence, often perpetrated within the context of a relationship.   

Queen Mathilde will meet with leading politicians, including the Economics and Finance Minister Adriano Afonso Maleiane and the Minister responsible for social affairs and children Cidália Chaúque Oliveira.   

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