Jonas Roosens

Between 20 and 30 safety deposit boxes plundered by sewer bank raiders

Customers of a branch of the bank BNP Paribas Fortis on the Belgiëlei in Antwerp have been expressing concern as the extent of the weekend’s raid on the bank’s vault room starts to emerge. According to reliable VRT Sources between twenty and thirty safety deposit boxes were plundered. 

Concerned customers gathered outside the bank on Monday morning. However, the bank wouldn’t yet say which deposit boxes had been emptied.

The customers first had to make a statement about the contents of their safety deposit box. One customer told VRT News that “A lot of people didn’t only have money or jewels there, but also personal things”.

The robbery was first noticed on Sunday afternoon. The robbers had entered the vault room through tunnels that linked to the sewers. Although neither BNP Paribas Fortis nor the police with confirm how much was taken, VRT source speak of between 20 and 30 safety deposit boxes having been plundered.    

In a press statement the Antwerp Judicial Authorities speak of a “serious theft” and repeat that “the scale of what is stolen is still being investigated. We can’t give any further information for the time being”.

The Judicial Authorities are looking at CCTV footage in an effort to try and gather information about the raiders’ identities. Witnesses are also being interviewed by detectives. A Federal Police forensic team worked until deep into Sunday night examining the bank, the tunnels, the sewers and a house in the nearby Nerviërsstraat where the tunnels end.  

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