Robbers break into bank through the sewers

Robbers have broken into a bank in the centre of Antwerp through the sewers. They entered the sewers and then made their way through two tunnels that run between the sewer system and the bank on the city’s Belgiëlei. Els Liekens of the waste water management company Aquafin told Radio 2 Antwerp that it is a miracle that the robbers weren’t killed.   

She added that "I have looked at the Belgiëlei and the Nerviërsstraat and there are various sewers in the area ranging from a round tube of 40cm in diameter to an egg-shaped mains that 1.3 metres high and 80 centimetres long. Difficult to stand up in and so they will have had to crawl on their stomach, a perilous task.     

Crawling through the sewers is not without danger as they can quickly become full of water i fit rains and there is a danger of drowning.

Furthermore there is also a danger from H2S  poisoning. 


According to Ms Liekens, the robbers were either very well prepared or very lucky that that they got out alive.

"Digging a tunnel to the sewers can cause subsidence. If for example there are roadworks, safety measures have to be followed. This all has a great impact. I don’t know how the robbers got out alive”.     

Police worked through the night investigating the bizarre break-in. It is still unclear how much the robbers got away with. However, several safety deposit boxes were opened.


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