Seal found in field 60km from the sea

The police and fire service in the East Flemish municipality of Nazareth had something of a surprise on Sunday afternoon when they were called out to help a seal that had been spotted in a field of grazing sheep. Local residents had seen the seal crawl out of a ditch and into the field. How it got there is a complete mystery as Nazareth is some 60km from the sea.     

Alisa Coessens of the Centrum Fire Service says that it probably had swum up the River Schelde and climb out of the river somewhere near Nazareth.  

The animal was in good health when it was found. It was taken to the local fire station by fire fighters from where it was picked up later in the day by staff from Sea Life in Blankenberge (West Flanders). They fitted the seal with an identification chip before releasing it into the North Sea.   

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