Two children of IS jihadi have been brought back to Belgium

Two children of IS terrorists have been returned to Belgium from Turkey. A judge at a court in Brussels had ordered the Belgian government to ensure the repatriation of the two children from Turkey. The children, both girls, are aged 2 and 4. They were both born in the self-proclaimed caliphate to which their mother, from Beringen in Limburg Province, went 6 years ago. The children had been in Turkey for over a year.    

Their mother fell pregnant with the girl while in the area of Syria then controlled by the terrorist group IS. The girls’ father was killed in 2017 and their mother fled with the girls from Syria to Turkey where she is now serving a 10-year prison sentence for terrorism.  

The girls’ grandmother has travelled a number of times to Turkey to visit and look after the girls. She attempted to get them brought to Belgium. However, this proved difficult as they were born in Syria and as such don’t have Belgian birth certificates or identity documents.   

Now the relevant paperwork has been provided the two children will be accompanied on a flight to Belgium where they will be brought to a juvenile judge who will decide whether or not the girls will be allowed to be brought up by their grandmother. He could also rule that they be sent to a children’s’ home or to foster parents.    

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