West Flemish team finds Emiliano Sala plane wreck

A ship from the Zwevegem (West Flanders) company GEOxyz has found the wreckage of the plane that was carrying the Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala when it crashed off Guernsey. The wreckage of the plane that crashed two weeks ago was found off the Channel Islands on Sunday. The news that the discovery was made by a ship from West Flanders comes from GEOxyz’s CEO Patrick Reyntjens. 

However, Mr Reyntjens is still unable to say anything about the fate of Emiliano Sala and the plane’s pilot.   

The discovery came 12 days after the plane disappeared from radar. It was on its way from Nantes in France to the Welsh capital Cardiff, where Emiliano Sala was to embark on a new chapter in his career with Cardiff City.  

GEOxyz was called in by the UK Defence Ministry’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch last weekend. GEOxyz has a fleet of ships that are used to map the sea bed. The Geo Ocean III set sail for the seas off the Channel Islands on Saturday morning.     

The ship was used to screen a 3km by 3km area of sea to the north of Guernsey.

Mr Patrick Reyntjens told VRT radio that “We were assisted by a French ship. Together we used specialist material to scour the area. We noticed an anomaly on the seabed on Sunday afternoon”.  

An underwater robot was deployed to look if what had been spotted was the plane.  

“We were able to identify the plane on the seabed”.

However, there is still no certainty about the fate of Sala and the pilot. “We are waiting for the next tide to send our robot back down to continue the investigation of the area”, Patrick Reyntjens added.  

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