Only in Belgium: burglar breaks into escape room

A thief broke into an escape room in Leuven at the weekend.  The owner told VRT: "The burglar clearly failed to understand the concept".

Usually people attempt to break out of an escape room within an hour, but in Leuven exactly the opposite happened on Sunday night.  A thief wearing a light-coloured jumper and a hood broke into an escape room operated by Exitroom.

"He visited all the rooms, opening all draws in search of cash" escape room owner Steven Vanhaeren told VRT.

The thief got away with a number of items as well as cash.  The loot included a tablet computer.

All the escape room units are equipped with CCTV and the theft was caught on camera. The thief is clearly identifiable.  Exitroom has posted pictures on its Facebook page and hopes the thief will return the stolen items.

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