Yet another ATM attacked

Gangsters eager to get their hands on some readies targeted an Argenta bank in the Limburg town of Bree last night attempting to blow up a cashpoint!

Argenta confirmed the attack failed. Nobody got away with any cash.  The gangsters were up early implementing their dastardly plans at 4AM local time.  Police and the army bomb squad too attended the scene.

Argenta's Christine Vermylen: "The thieves didn't manage to get into the safe.  They affixed explosives to the ATM but the safe didn't open. The would-be thieves' getaway car was damaged.  They had to head off on foot."

Bree burgomaster Liesbeth Van der Auwera was quick to respond: "The damage is considerable.  The branch is affected, but also the flat above and a car in the vicinity. It’s a car with Dutch number plates.  That could be an indication as to the gangsters' identity" she speculated.

Three gangsters are believed to have carried out the attack, but at the minute there is no trace of them.  Police are investigating possible links to earlier attacks.

The Argenta branch will remain closed today.

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