Nicolas Maeterlinck

“Climate truants” call on teachers to strike on 15 March

The organisation behind the demonstrations by secondary school pupils in favour of more effective measure to tackle climate change Youth for Climate has asked the Flemish teaching unions to call a strike on Friday 15 March. Teacher for Climate wants the teachers to take part in demonstrations in the 5 provincial capitals. 

Youth for Climate’s Marjolein Moreaux told VRT News that “The idea is that we will bring all schools together in the protest. Up until now primary school pupils didn’t take part as it was difficult for them to do so. However, we hope that this will be easier for them if their teachers come with them”.

The fact that there are protests in the various provincial capitals rather than just one protest in for example Brussels should make it easier for classes that wish to to attend.

Although Youth for Climate says that it doesn’t want to stop any companies from working, the organisation has asked youngster to persuade their parents and other family members to join the protest on 15 March.  

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