Missing teenager found safe and well after 20 years

One of the oldest missing persons’ cases in Belgium has been resolved after almost two decades.  A then 14-year-old boy that went missing from his home in Brussels municipality of Sint-Gillis has now been found alive. 

Simon Lembi disappeared on 12 November 1999. Now 33 Simon has been found alive and in good health, solving one of Belgium’s oldest missing persons’ cases.

Simon Lembi comes from a family of four children that came to Belgium with their single mother. There were reported by some media at the time to have been here for just 10 day when Simon who was the oldest child disappeared.

At 5pm on the day of his disappearance Simon Lembi asked his mother if he could go and watch TV at a nearby local community centre. He never returned home and his family had no news of him until today.   

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