Watchdog clears police of any wrongdoing against transit migrants

The police watchdog Committee P has cleared the police of any wrong doing during an operation against transit migrants in a Brussels park in 2017. The operation involved identity checks on and the detention of the migrants. 

Although the police were judged not to have used excessive violence, the report that forms the basis of an article in Wednesday’s edition of the financial daily ‘De Tijd’ does criticise a lack of a uniform approach towards transit migrants on the part of the police.    

Committee P launched its investigation in 2017 after the Maximilian Park in Brussels was cleared of migrants that were sleeping rough. The police watchdog ruled that the operation ran “very smoothly”, “correctly” and “humanly”.   

Transit migrants that were questioned as part of the investigation displayed no evidence of injuries

Nevertheless, Committee P did call on the police services to draw up a list of procedures to be followed by officers when dealing with transit migrants. 

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