Rumbeke lady packs off bogus police officers

A 74-year-old lady from Rumbeke is counting her lucky stars. Two men impersonating police officers suddenly appeared at her back door and requested entry, but the shrewd lady immediately saw through the ruse and refused to let them in.

Who knows what would have happened otherwise?

The 74-year-old told VRT News that she immediately heard and saw that these were no bona fide police officers.  They spoke French, deep in West Flanders Province, and one was carrying three copper elephants and a frame that they had stolen when the woman was not at home.

The fake officers hoped to convince her that they had caught the thief.  They did not believe they would be suspected and saying that they were eager to check nothing else was missing wanted to gain access to get away with even more valuables.

The lady from Rumbeke was in no mood to be taken in and started shouting loudly.  The thieves soon decided to leg it and sped off in a car with French plates.

"Even before they spoke a word of French I was sure they were no genuine officers.  If they had got inside they would have been master of the place.  Luckily there's no cash in the house and my gold isn't kept here either" the fortunate woman told VRT.

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