Belgian air traffic disrupted again as from 23 February?

Belgian air traffic controllers of the Christian trades union ACV have warned that they may down tools again as from 23 February, claiming their management is reluctant to continue negotiations to relieve work pressure. 

ACV air traffic controllers are also participating in next Wednesday's national strike. As a result, Brussels Airlines has scrapped al its flights, advising customers to reschedule their travels. However, air traffic may be disrupted again as from 23 February. 

The ACV compiled a list of 25 demands, including the option to take temporary leave from work. Kurt Callaerts of the ACV claims the management is not really cooperating, and says the employees have had it: "Social dialogue is something strange to them. Things are not moving at all. Some issues have been on the table for years. The workforce is understaffed and has now decided that enough is enough", Callaerts told the VRT. 

The management (Skeyes) denies the allegations and says they are negotiating. They lament the new plans for a strike, after next Wednesday's industrial action.

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