Gusts of wind trigger yellow alert, parks closed

Strong winds will persist during the whole weekend, reaching speeds of up to 85 km/h (over 50 miles per hour). The yellow alert has been activated, calling on members of the public to take care. Various parks have been closed, including most of the parks in the Brussels Region. 

The wind will also bring fresh rain. During a shower, wind speeds may even reach 90 km/h or more, the Belgian Met office warns. Avoid parking your car under a tree and avoid parks if you go walking. The Brussels Region has closed its parks this weekend as a precaution.

Things will ease temporarily tonight, but the wind will become stronger again tomorrow. On Sunday, a lot of rain is expected, weather presenters are afraid it could rain the whole day. 

Meanwhile, the Home Office has activated the number 1722. You can call it if you would suffer any damage, due to the strong winds or because of inundations. By activating the number, people don't need to call the fire services directly, avoiding the line would become too busy for people who need urgent help.  

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