"Hundreds of Chinese and Russian secret agents operating in Brussels"

European diplomats working in Brussels have been warned by internal intelligence services against various Russian and Chinese spies operating in our capital. This was reported by the German daily Die Welt citing diplomatic sources. 

"The European capital Brussels is apparently full of spies", claims Die Welt. There are talks about 250 Chinese and some 200 Russian spies. Brussels is not only the home of various EU institutions, it is also where the western military alliance NATO is based. There are no figures available about secret agents from other countries such as the United States. 

Diplomats told Die Welt that they were warned about certain places in the European quarter in Brussels, including a renowned steak house and a café near the premises of the European Commission. 

Die Welt claims most of the Chinese and Russian spies are working in embassies or trade hubs from their home country.

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