Bizarre twist as story of blaze in Drogenbos nursing home unfolds

A nursing home in Drogenbos, near Brussels, was the scene of a fire late on Friday. One service flat got completely gutted. According to the first accounts, the blaze had been caused by an explosion of gunpowder, kept secretly in the room by one of the tenants (a former firefighter). This version was changed later on, but adopted again later during the day. 

Around 11pm yesterday, the nursing home 'Palmyra' at the Zennebeemd was the scene of a blaze. The medical intervention plan was put in place, as was the local disaster plan. Various medical teams hurried to the scene, together with a team of firefighters. One service flat was completely destroyed. The occupant, a former firefighter, sustained light injuries and received extra oxygen. 

There were no further people injured, though 44 other residents had to be evacuated. 

This morning, Drogenbos Mayor Alexis Calmeyn confirmed that the fire was the consequence of an explosion, adding that this was caused by gunpowder. It turned out that the occupant kept several items of war ammunition in his service flat.  

However, experts later denied this version and said a gas explosion caused the fire. This version was adapted again later on. The investigation is still going on. 

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