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"Big mystery" in Kruisem: who has seen the local kangaroo?

A kangaroo is roaming Kruisem, a municipality at the edge of the Flemish Ardennes with lots of countryside and open space. While it is certain that the animal is somewhere there, it can't be found. And who does the animal belong to? 

Only a few people have actually seen the kangaroo. No footage could be taken this time, but last October one man managed to make a short movie with his smartphone when he had the encounter in the dark with a kangaroo, probably the same one though this is not entirely sure (picture). "What is happening now, is a big mystery", the young man told the VRT, referring to the fact that the new kangaroo can't be located. 

Everyone is looking for the owner now. In Belgium, it is not forbidden to keep a kangaroo, but the animal needs a lot of space, and this one has probably been released when the owner didn't want to take up the responsibility any longer. Animal care workers hope the kangaroo can be caught in a cage with food. Meanwhile, Kruisem has an extra attraction. 

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