And the Auwch Award from the Women's Council goes to... 

The annual Auwch Award, invented by the Women's Council to highlight an organisation or institution which they label as "woman-unfriendly", goes to the Court of Audit.  

The Court of Audit checks how much the different governments and the provinces in Belgium are spending, and whether no cash is being wasted, e.g. by investing in useless projects or projects that were never finished. 

The organisation's main panel includes 12 members, but only two of them are female. The Women's Council underlines that there were at least two opportunities to appoint new members over the past years, but each time a man was chosen. "Despite this, women are good at keeping an eye on the expenses", says the Women's Council, labelling the issue as "sexism, indifference or maybe the continuation of an old political climate?" and adding that "this is unprecedented in the 21st century".