14° C (57°F) in places by Friday!

If you have had your fill of these dark, gloomy and often cold days, there is good news.  By the end of the week highs could have risen to 14°C.

Today, Tuesday, if you are lucky, cloud will alternate with brighter periods at your QTH.  Be unlucky and heavily overcast skies will be your lot with highs not in excess of 10°C, but this being Belgium it will probably feel colder.  Starting Wednesday though sunnier conditions are anticipated.  Low cloud may occur in northern parts, while brighter conditions dominate elsewhere.  It remains settled with highs around 9°C.

An area of high pressure will impact on conditions in Belgium Thursday through Monday.  It will be mainly sunny and dry.  Mild conditions are expected with highs of 9° in the uplands of the Ardennes, while in Flanders top temperatures of 12°C (53°F) and 13°C (55°F) will be no exception.  On Friday and Saturday 14°C is on the cards!