Four sheep bitten to death: a wolf at work in Lommel?

On Sunday night, four sheep were attacked and killed in Lommel, Limburg province. It looks as if a wolf is responsible; an investigation is going on.

The sheep were in a meadow near the Pijnven. "When we arrived in the morning, we found that four sheep had been bitten to death", the man who looks after the animals told the VRT's local radio station Radio 2. "One sheep had to be put to sleep because the injuries were too heavy. Two other sheep had been attacked but could be saved."

A couple of wolves have been roaming Limburg province for some months now. It is assumed they are responsible for the attack, but DNA research still has to confirm this. Wolves are a protected species, they are back in the area after a long absence. Experts are advising people keeping sheep to invest in an extra fence. "They don't like to jump, but they do crawl or dig tunnels."