Students put their weight behind teen climate protest in Brussels

For the sixth week in a row schoolchildren and students are playing truant today in order to protest for greater action against climate change.

Once again Brussels is the focus of the demo.  Now the exams are over many students decided to join in.  Students for Climate called on both polytechnic and university students in all student towns to join the protest.  The demonstration departed from the North Station and headed for the South Station via central Brussels. Disruption was limited. Police say 11,000 youngsters converged on the Belgian and Flemish capital.  6,000 people indicated to Students for Climate they were going, while a further 26,000 said they were interested. 

Students are eager to show their support for Youth for Climate, the schoolchildren's initiative, and demands for greater climate action.   Students are adding an extra demand: the next climate agreement must also espouse social justice.  They point out that a linear fuel price increase hits the poorest hardest.

Bakou Mertens of Students for Climate: "Starting next week we are organising debates in all student cities.  Votes will also be held to determine which ideas have broad support."