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Willy Willy, the Flemish Keith Richards, dies

Willy Lambregt, better known as Willy Willy, the guitarist of The Scabs, has died at the age of 59.

As a child Willy Willy was gifted a toy guitar and this instrument would never let go of him.  Willy Willy played both acoustic and electric guitar with several groups including the Ostend punk band Revenge 88, Vaya Con Dios and Arbeid Adelt! as well as in his own bands The Voodoo Band and Willy@LaFayette.

In the Eighties Willy Willy moved from Ostend to Brussels where he replaced Luc Van Acker in Arbeid Adelt!.  Then, together with singer Danni Klein he established Vaya Con Dios.  Willy Willy saw his greatest success with The Scabs earning himself the moniker "The Flemish Keith Richards".

Last year he recorded his last CD "Vampire with a Tan".

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