Yorick Jansens

Antwerp City Cabinet decides to change the name of the Delwaide Dock

The City Cabinet in Antwerp has decided that the name of the Delwaide Dock in the port of Antwerp should be change. The decision has come about after a book revealed that Mayor of Antwerp during the German occupation Leo Delwaide, after whom the dock was named, played a much more active role in the persecution and deportation of the city’s Jewish community than had been previously thought. 

The current Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever (nationalist) said that with this in mind retaining the name had become “untenable”. A new name has yet to be chosen for the dock.

Earlier this week, Mr De Wever said that he was prepared to discuss changing the name of the dock.

Now he has read the book that unleashed the controversy Mr De Wever says that “After having read the book it has become clear that the name can no longer be kept”.    

A while ago the City of Antwerp convened a scientific Committee that was to advise the city authorities on the issue. However, the City Cabinet has decided not to await its findings and to scrap the name with immediate effect. The search is now on for a new name for the dock.