Community service for Molenbeek troublemaker arrested on New Year's Eve

A court in Brussels has sentenced a 24-year-old youth to an 80-hour community service after he attacked the police in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek during New Year's Eve.

Police intervened at the Zwarte Vijvers metro station when youngsters torched a car and refuse.  The youngster, who has now been sentenced, was part of the group setting the car and refuse alight, but earlier in the evening he had been arrested after together with around thirty others he attempted to ambush police officers.  The group hurled projectiles at police cars.

The youngster resisted arrest and had to be forced to the ground in order to put handcuffs on him.  At the police station he threatened the police saying that Molenbeek would be alight if they heard he had been arrested.  He intended to call "Dirk" at the communist party, who would provide guns to kill the police.

The court didn't accept that the youngsters' pronouncements were threatening but convicted him on charges of resisting arrest and defamation.