Flemish potholer rescued from Wallonia's deepest grotto

Emergency services and dozens of volunteers managed to rescue the 65-year old Flemish speleologist from a Walloon cave, the Trou Bernard in Yvoir (Namur), but the unfortunate potholer is in a bad way.  He suffered several fractures and has had to be taken to hospital.

Fortunately, he didn't sustain any live threatening injuries, but will be eager to set this adventure behind him as soon as possible.  The Fleming got stuck in the cave, the deepest in Belgium, in Yvoir following a fall.  After his fall a doctor-speleologist was soon at the scene and took all the measures needed to ensure the hapless Fleming didn't suffer hypothermia.  They remained in contact with the emergency services via two-way radio.

Scores of volunteers took part in the rescue operation, widening the cave and suspending cables to carry the stretcher.  It was well after midnight by the time the gentleman was freed.  As soon as he saw the dark of night again medics rushed him to hospital where he is receiving all the care he requires.