Do you do sports several times a month?

Research undertaken by Leuven University has come to the conclusion that never in the history of humankind have more Flemings been involved in sports.  Two out of three Flemings now say that they are involved in sports several times a month.

Cycling (32%) is the most important sport following by rambling (30%).  14% of those involved in sports run, 10% do fitness, while another 10% swim.  These are all solo sports meaning you can chose when you do them and with whom.

Group sports too are popular.  Football is mentioned by 4% followed by tennis 3% and dancing 2%.  1.8% of Flemings opt for yoga that enters the Top 10 for the first time.

Sport has made great advances. Fifteen years ago only one in three Flemings said they were involved in sports several times a month.   It's above all seniors who are getting involved more.  One in three over 75s says that they do sports several times a month.  Sports sociologist Jeroen Scheerder: "The rise in involvement is measured across age categories."

Still, some differences remain.  Men do more sports than women, the young are more involved than older people as are the highly skilled compared to the low-skilled.