Rare calf triplets born at Flemish Brabant farm

The dairy farmer Greta De Vrieze and her team are delighted that one of their cows has given birth to three calves. This is unusual enough in itself. However, the calves are from a rare red and white bread of cow native to East Flanders that is nearing extinction. All those at the Smulhoeve in Liedekerke, around 20km west of Brussels are both proud and happy. 

According to vets there is just a 1 in 8 million chance that a cow will give birth to triplets.   

Greta De Vrieze told VRT Radio 2 that “They are three beautiful strong calves. Things were in the balance for a time as we thought that they wouldn’t survive. However, after two days they were much fitter. We give them full-cream milk twice a day, every day and the milk is around 36 degrees”.  

Ms De Vrieze added that it isn’t surprising that the triplets were born on her farm as at Smulhoeve as “All our animals are very happy here and get the best possible care".

“Of course this involved having a bit of luck, I realise that. The birth of the triplets is good news for the East Flemish breed of cow that we breed here. This is a red and white breed that is threatened with extinction. My grandparents bred them too”, the farmer added.