House prices in Brussels reach new high

It has never been more expensive to buy a house in Brussels. Last year the average price of a house in the capital was 452,721 euro. This is 79.9% more than the average for Belgium as a whole. The figures come from, the site of the Belgian notaries. The price of flats in the capital also rose last year.        


The municipality of Elsene in the fashionable east of the city has the most expensive average house prices. There a house will set you back an average of 633,360 euro. Sint-Jans-Molenbeek in the west of the city has the cheapest average house prices.

The average price of houses sold in Molenbeek last year was 292,063 euro. The Brussel-Capital Region was the only one of Belgium’s three region in which the number of properties sold fell last year (-0.4%) compared with 2017.    

2018 saw house prices in the capital rise by 5.3%. The average price of a house in Brussels is 63% higher than in Flanders and 138% higher than in Wallonia.  

Last year the average price of a house in Belgium as a whole was 251,584 euro. 

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