Nuclear watchdog investigates which measure are necessary to keep reactors open for longer

The federal nuclear control agency FANC is currently looking into what measures will be necessary to keep Belgium 2 nuclear power stations open beyond 2025. The news first appeared in Wednesday addition of the daily ‘De Tijd’ and has since been confirmed by VRT News sources. 

Although nuclear power production in Belgium is due to end in 2025 FANC’s Cédric van Caloen says “We want to proactively prepare for all possible scenarios. We respect the political decision to abandon nuclear energy. However, if the Federal Government were to decide to keep the nuclear power station open beyond 2025 we as a nuclear watchdog need to be prepared”.      

Mr van Caloen added that “We are looking at every reactor to see which extra safety requirements will be necessary to allow them to remain open for longer”.  

"This are safety requirements related to external events such as earthquakes or planes crashing into the reactor”.  

FANC is keen to stress its independence. “There has been no request from politicians to prepare and eventual postponement. This is simply a proactive exercise”.